vrijdag 7 juli 2017

The Full Moon Band - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (1978)

Very little seems to be known about this private pressing, jazz, prog rock LP from 1978.
No idea how many were pressed but private pressings from this era were almost always in the low hundreds. What is particularly nice about this one is its condition.  
The sleeve has the odd trace of ringwear on what is quite a delicate, unlaminated and otherwise undamaged surface.
The vinyl is in as near to ‘as new’ as one is likely to find.  Near Mint would best describe it though I suspect the buyer would find Mint a closer grade.
As for the music, it seems unbelievable that this band didn’t get the distribution or recognition of others that went on to really make it big.  I guess its late arrival, after the Punk movement condemned it to a life of obscurity but it has it all;  lyrical, whimsical vocals, sitars, folky violin ;(not to mention jazzy rhythm section and a Soft Machine like synth in places) coupled with a musical confidence that belies its miniscule sales at the time.
This is prog rock at its best. I love it and I’m having a hard time parting with it actually but times are what they are and I have business to run!


Side A
A1. Factory  (4:13)
A2. Modder  (7:04)
A3. Planet Move  (3:11)
A4. Sjefke  (1:48)
A5. Latin Joy  (2:45)

Side B
B1. Dreams  (4:40)
B2. I Am Scared  (3:25)
B3. Morning Is Born  (3:50)
B4. Sunday Afternoon  (3:13)
B5. New Way  (2:44)
B6. Ahram Misha  (3:18)

Bass – Gerard Ammerlaan
Drums, Percussion – Bert Kleyn
Guitar, Synthesizer – Max Brunet
Producer – Lucas Amor
Violin, Vocals, Piano, Sitar – Lucas Amor

Released:  1978
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Jazz-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
Tijdsduur:  41:02

Label - Amor Sounds 

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